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Spring Update

Spring Update

We are so thrilled with the rains of this week and the sunshine today. 

A quick farm update with some photos so people know what’s happening here. 

We have hand-weeded our strawberry patch and are beginning to see blossoms! 

Our high tunnel is filled with many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and ground cherries we started in February! 

We have sold so many strawberry and raspberry starts (Thank you Thank you!) and still have self serve pots available. 

We’ve grafted about 500 new apples for the orchard which are leafing out now. Finally, we have a lot of potted fruit trees (peaches, apples, plums, apricots) that need about a month to root out in the large pots-more to come on those in a few weeks.

 Our CSA filled out so quickly this year, and we are working hard to expand the fields so that next year we will have many many openings. 

The work has been hard, but the visits with people at the farm with safe distancing has reminded us how much we love the hope that farming inspires! 

Be healthy and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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